Viral Video Of UFO Over New Jersey Was Actually Just A Blimp

Or maybe that's what they want you to think...

September 16, 2020

ktsimage / Getty


Listen, I want to believe more than most people. I love conspiracies and UFO sightings, and actually discovered this video when I was exploring the 'Conspiracy' subreddit...but even I could tell almost immediately that this was a blimp.

On to the story...

Recently a bunch of people from New Jersey start posting videos all over social media showing what they thought was a flying saucer over Route 21.

A Goodyear representative was able to confirm that it was indeed their blimp flying overhead on Monday to get ready for the Steelers Giants game.

The videos have spread every social media platform and have already garnered millions of views.

I get it, from the angle it kind of looks like a UFO...but I don't think aliens would have a typical FAA approved strobe light on top of it...also it's clearly a blimp.

No word on if aliens were indeed driving the identified flying object.

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