Woman Addicted To Eating Baby Powder For 15 Years Says Its Cost Her Thousands


January 6, 2020

A mother of five recently revealed that she is addicted to baby powder, and that it has cost her over $7,000.

44 year old Lisa Anderson started eating baby powder 15 years ago after feeling a strange urge to do so while drying her son. Anderson now eats an entire tub every single day.

Anderson has spent over $7,000 on specifically Johnson's Baby Powder, and will often sneak off to the bathroom to eat it every 30 minutes.

Experts say the powder is not good for human consumption, and the World Health Organization has even said it could cause cancer.

Anderson stated, "I do get it’s a bit weird – but it just has this nice soapy taste. I can get through a 200 gram bottle in a day but the bigger ones I get through about one-and-a-half a week. I remember getting really drawn to its smell. Now I can’t do without it."

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