Woman Wearing FBI Hat Tells Gas Station Worker She's With The CIA

Oh, that's dumb.

January 13, 2020
Woman Wearing FBI Hat

ASphotowed / Getty


I've watched a lot of LIVE PD, and read a lot of news stories. I have come to the conclusion that 99.9% of criminals are complete idiots. 

Let's meet one.

Lisa O'Donnel from St. Joseph County Indiana allegedly was wearing a hat that said "FBI" and told the clerks at a gas station that she was with the CIA and needed access to the security footage.

Police were sent to the GoLo gas station after a employee called 911. When the cops arrived, O'Donnell got in her car and drove away. She was pulled over by an officer shortly after her lame attempt at a getaway.

On top of the huge mess she had already created for herself, her car also had no plates...wow.

O'Donnell continued her act with the police station that she had been working as a CIA agent in the area for a number of months...all while wearing a hat that said FBI. She also told police to run her ID because the credentials would be in their computer system. That didn't work. She was not and is not a CIA or FBI agent according to officials.

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