Corey Taylor Of Slipknot Prepares To Tie The Knot

Who knew he had a romantic side?

April 11, 2019

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Corey Taylor is now officially engaged to longtime girlfriend, Alicia Dove (It's about time Corey).

Alica explains on Twitter how it all went down:

“After breakfast at home, as I put the salsa back in the fridge I shut the door and he was standing there with a ring. Got down on one knee, and I immediately started crying on the floor with him. In our kitchen. In our sweats, nothing fancy. It was fucking perfect.”

Taylor expressed his love on Instagram last year:

"She is the reason I'm happy after being lost for so long. She is a million things… and that one thing. She is my everything. And I'm so proud to be hers. The Blood in my Love. My Queen. Mi Rojo Mundo"

Hardcore mask-wearing musician by night but hopeless romantic by day, whodda thunk?