Boober Eats: A Portland Strip Club Offering Food Delivered By Strippers

And business is booming.

March 23, 2020

Getty Images


The Pacific Northwest has been one of the earliest and hardest hit regions in the COVID-19 outbreak, and they're taking many precautions to help flatten the curve.  Portland, Oregon is known for having the highest number of strip clubs in the country, and they have all been forced to close their doors.

However, they're still able to be open and operate as a kitchen for food delivery, and Lucky Devil Lounge has used that as a way to adapt.

Introducing: Boober Eats.

What began as a joke by the owner on social media has turned into a legitimate business working to keep their dancers, security guards, cooks and bartenders on the payroll during the shutdowns. For a $30 service fee you might expect to pay at a Gentleman's club, Lucky Devil Lounge will have 2 of it's dancers in booty shorts and pasties (escorted by a security guard) deliver your food to you, including chicken fingers, steak bites and mini corndogs.