Chuck E Cheese Sign

Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

Chuck E. Cheese Uses Fake Name On GrubHub To Sell You Pizza

Would you order this new, higher quality pizza?

May 19, 2020

We've been taught that a mouse is a magical, loving, trustworthy character. Though, if I remember correctly, I think Chuck E. Cheese (Legal Name "Charles Entertainment Cheese"), is a rat. And now he's showing his true colors.

In my mind, Chuck E. Cheese is a place where little kids put their snot hands on everything, parents drink cheap beer and cause more fights than biker bars. But even the cheap pizza rat-party needs to keep things running in "these uncertain times", and they found a very strategic way to do it: Sell you their pizza without you knowing.

It was discovered recently that a restaurant on food-delivery service GrubHub called "Pasqually's Pizza & Wings" was just a front fo Chuck E. Cheese to deliver their food to your home, because why else would you ever order that pizza - of all options?

According to a Chuck E Cheese spokesperson, this is part of a nationwide project to expand their services to food delivery. The name didn't just come out of nowhere, either. This new endeavor is named after Pasqually P. Pieplate, another member of the Chuck E. Cheese animatronic band/Extended Chuck Universe. In fact, he's the only human in the group, which makes it a little less fun.