$20K Worth Of Classic Disney World Ride Props Stolen From Shed

Okay, who's job was it to watch the shed today?

October 11, 2019

There has been... a theft.

According to a report filed by the Orange County Sheriff's Department last week, more than $20,000 of 'parts' from two classic rides walked out the front door. Some sails from Peter Pan's Flight and three ride seats from Space Mountain that were all stored in a storage shed that was fenced-in and padlocked. Putting on my big-boy, detective pants, I'm gonna say that means it was... an inside job.

This isn't the first case of theft at Walt Disney World, and at the risk of WD Police swooping down on me for making bold predictions, it probably won't be the last. People love to get their hands on this black market Disney stuff, which is weird to me, but I can understand it. 

So, if you happen to see this pop up on Craiglist or maybe Facebook Marketplace - don't buy it. Maybe just let the cops know.