[WATCH] Competitive Eater Downs 10 Pounds of Spaghetti in 12 Minutes

My insides hurt from just watching it.

January 8, 2020

mukbang: A video or live broadcast of someone eating large amounts of food for entertainment.

It's not necessarily a new thing, as competitive eating has been around forever, but thanks to the magic of the internet, HD cameras and high-speed connections, you can now waste hours on YouTube watching people eat grotesque amounts of food whenever you want - including some celebrated competitive eaters.

One of the most popular is Nela Zisser, and in today's offering, she takes down 10 pounds of canned spaghetti in just over 12 minutes. [The actual eating starts at 6:55]

Just remember. For everything that exists on the internet, there's somebody that wants to watch it.  Me? I'm not hungry anymore and I never want to see spaghetti again.