Designers Create "COVID Concert Suit" With Pods For Vaping & Drinking

In also has an N95 Filter and LED Lights.

May 26, 2020

The internet must have gotten very bored over the weekend, because all of the sudden they're upset about a news story that first came out about... a month ago?

I don't know why there's this new, amped up hatred of the suit.... maybe it's just a slow news day. Regardless, a design firm called Production Club has presented their ideas for a post-COVID "Concert Suit" for your consideration. The full-body suit includes an N95 Mask, LED lights, and interchangable "capsules" so you can drink and/or vape - probably not both at the same time.

Their concept involves the venue buying thousands of these suits and "renting" them out to concert-goers. It would be the venue's resposibility to clean and sanitize each suit between each show and I can guarantee there would be no venue that has one to fit a 6'8" man, let alone the absolute riot if more than one of us showed up.

Gotta give 'em points for imagination, but this one is gonna be a "no" from me. I'm out.