Disney Galaxy's Edge Offering Millenium Falcon French Fry Bucket

But not to you...

January 9, 2020

Ah, Orlando.  The absolute center of all things Theme Park. Millions of people from all around the world come to The City Beautiful to experience our World Class entertainment each year. A city synonymous with the best that Disney has to offer... but they won't give us the god damn Millenium Falcon French Fry bucket.

oh no, DisneyLAND gets that.

Imagine my excitement for a moment when I saw headlines all over saying "Galaxy's Edge Millenium Falcon French Fy Bucket For 25 Bucks. It holds french fries. It has push-button flashing lights. And I'm like, "Yea. That's exactly the kind of frivilous BS that gets me all tingly inside." - just to find out that, for some reason, Disney WORLD isn't getting it.

Why would The Mouse keep this absolute treasure from us? Are they punishing us? Are they punishing me?

I guess it also holds popcorn, too... but that's an insult to this majestic creation.