Doctors Advise Against Sun-Tanning Your B-Hole

Why do they even have to tell you to stop?

December 2, 2019
man tanning on beach

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Oh, they call it a "Wellness Trend". You can call it whatever you want, but I'll call it what it is... laying on your back, spreading your legs, and letting the sun rays baste your b-hole. More specifically, your perineum (which has many fun names, all describing the bit of skin between your genitals and your backside.)

It's called "Perineum Sunning" and doctors hate it.

A number of naturalists, yogis, interesting people have been touting the benefits of just letting the sun tickle your bum. And doctors are now having to express how terrible of an idea that actually is. Or, at the very least, they express the need to use sun protection in the form of clothing or sunscreen on ANY body part that you're exposing to the sun.

Put some zinc on it? That's fashion.

Butthole sunning ------ Bum Sunners: @jamesoncamden @wildtreeman Tashi

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