Drive-In Theaters Thriving Amidst Coronavirus Crisis

Even when new film releases are being pushed back.

April 22, 2020


Several drive-in theaters around the country and the world have remained open amidst the Coronavirus pandemic and it's being reported that they're thriving as people look for any excuse to get out. Of the 320 remaining drive-ins in America, 25 are open. Two California theaters showed the latest 'Trolls' film when it was released earlier this month and grossed thousands at the box office for it.

Meanwhile, in Germany and South Korea pop-up drive-ins have popped up in local parks, parking lots and even behind biker bars. Regular drive-thrus are selling out of tickets in minutes as regular theaters remain closed. Some are showing recent films like 'Parasite' & 'The Lion King' (2019) while others are showing classic films.

New York governor Andrew Cuomo remarked about reopening the state's drive-thru theaters earlier this month saying that you're safe with your family in your vehicle.

It looks like the only Drive-In near Central Florida that is still operating is the Ocala Drive In. In fact, it's the only theater in the country currently showing first-run films and is responsible for the entire, reported Box Office Totals.