Dunkin' Gives Starbucks The Finger. Will Introduce Pumpkin Spice Menu August 21st

Starbucks isn't rumored to bring out PSL til the 27th

August 13, 2019

Nothin' like a good old fashioned food fight.  And this year, Dunkin' (#rip Donuts) has decided to stick it to Starbucks by rolling out their Pumpkin Spice menu a week early.

When is summer over?  According to Dunkin' Donuts, apparently, it's a week from tomorrow.  Dunkin' Donuts is rolling out its entire pumpkin spice menu next Wednesday, which is August 21st, by the way, and feels a LITTLE early to declare it "fall."

Starbucks is showing a little more restraint. Rumors suggest the Pumpkin Spice Latte won't be back until Tuesday, August 27th. 

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If that wasn't crazy enough, Dunkin' also rebranded a handful of stores as Pumpkin' and will start serving Pumpkin Spice products and selling Pumpkin Lip Balm on August 14th.