First Space Hotel To Launch In 2025; Compare To A 'Disney Vacation'

I hope there are 100 stores where I can get a good deal on knock-off t-shirts.

September 18, 2019
space station

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A company is planning to launch the first ever 'Space Hotel' in 2025 and the architect says that staying in his hotel will compare to a Disney World Vacation, with restaurants, concerts, movies, seminars. 

Because, when I think about how incredible it would be to actually go into space, my first thought is "Man, I really hope it's exactly like that thing I live 10 minutes from". And I get it, most of the world doesn't have that luxury, but then again... they could just... come here.

You want to get me into space? Put Lazer Tag up there. I'll play Lazer Tag in space all day.