5 Lies About Becoming A Morning Person

Lies. All lies.

June 17, 2019
person waking up

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I'm sure they're not lies, but they're definitely lies. As someone who had been a night person all my life and is now trying to become a morning person, I don't think it's even a thing you can do. You just wake up and you try. Or my will power is weak because prime time television shows have barely started by the time I'm supposed to be going to bed and I just really need to know if Shazam can be beaten.

Regardless, someone did a study that seems more like they're shaming night people who like to have an active social life rather than going to bed at 8am. And they say it will take about a month to do.

1.  Force yourself to get up two to three hours earlier than usual.  Then immediately get some sun.  It signals your body to stop producing the sleep hormone melatonin.  So opening your curtains or having breakfast outside can help you adjust.

2.  No caffeine after 3:00 PM.  That means coffee AND soda.  It might not matter for everyone.  But people in the study had a three o'clock cutoff time for caffeine.

3.  Keep lights to a minimum at night, and get in bed two or three hours earlier than usual.  It trains your body to start producing melatonin earlier, so it's easier to sleep.

4.  Stick to your schedule.  Don't stay up late, or sleep in on weekends.  For the first month or two, try to go to bed within the same 30-minute window each night.  And naps are okay, but not after 4:00 PM.

5.  Move up your meals.  Have breakfast as soon as you wake up.  Don't do dinner after 7:00 PM.  And you might need to shift a few other things too.  Like showering earlier, or exercising in the morning instead of at night. 

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