Florida Divers Set World Record For Cleaning Up Ocean Garbage

Makin' the world a little bit better.

June 18, 2019
scuba divers

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633 scuba divers in Florida broke a world record on Saturday by simultaneously cleaning up trash from the ocean floor.

A bunch of scuba divers got together near Boca Raton, Florida on Saturday, and attempted to break the record for "largest underwater cleanup."  They cleared trash from the ocean floor.  And they all had to be in the water doing it at the same time to qualify.  The previous record of 614 divers was set in Egypt in 2015.  And they JUST topped it.

Take THAT, Egypt! 

Someone from Guinness was there, and the final count was 633.  So they beat it by 19.  We haven't seen an official total yet for how much trash they cleaned up.  But they were right next to a pier, and pulled out about 1,600 pounds of lead fishing weights alone.