Florida Man Hides 80-Pound Iguana In His Pizza Restaurant Freezer

Florida Man is back, baby!

June 25, 2020
iguana on tree

Where do we start? Iguanas are an invasive species and some counties are asking you to kill and/or trap them. This past 'winter', when things got cold, we all got the reminder that as cold-blooded creatures, iguanas just kind of... 'freeze' when it gets too cold, some of them fall out of trees, and then they wake up and it's weird.

And we all laughed when a Miami zookeeper reminisced about a story where a man filled his car with frozen iguanas, with disasterous results.

Now that we're in the middle of summer, facing record high heat, you might think that our frozen iguana stories were over, but absolutely not. Not when Florida Man is here to serve his purpose.

Oh, and maybe be wary Pizza Mambo in West Palm Beach?

The restaurant was temporarily shut down by the Health Department for many violations. One of the violations on the top of the list is when inspectors found an 80-pound iguana popsicle in their freezer.

Now, it should be noted, that the iguana was kept in a separate freezer away from the food they serve, and iguana is considered a delicacy in some circles, but it's still a violation none the less. However, this was only one of 27 violations, including 10 high-priority offenses that they restaurant was noted for. Also, their license expired on December 1.