Florida Man Steals And Crashes $1 Million Luxury Yacht

Florida Man is making up for lost time.

June 25, 2020

For a moment, I thought I had inspired a criminal act. Already this week, we've covered a Florida Man who tried to steal a plane in New Smyrna so that he could fly to California and give his girlfriend a 500 gram bag of weed. We've also covered a Florida Man around Lake Mary that stole an ambulance and went on a high-speed chase.

Florida Man has been stuck at home for 4 months and now he's letting out all his pent up crazy.

Then I went on the radio and said, "Now we just need Florida Man to steal a boat so we can combine Air, Land and Water into the Holy Trinity."

Next day: Florida Man steals, crashes and abandons luxury yacht worth $900,000. Thankfully, it was not my fault. I did not inspire a crime with my stupid words. Turns out, the actual theft took place back in March, and the criminal has been on the run for 3 months.

28-year-old Donovan Russell Jester allegedly stole the yacht from a St. Petersburg dock and has now been charged with "Grand Theft Vessel" and faces up to 30 years in prison.