Florida Paramedic Admits Stealing Blood For "Art Project"

That doesn't sound right.

June 30, 2020

Listen. I went to Art School. I saw some weird things, but this is a completely different kind of messed up.

Police came to pay a vist to Polk County Paramedic Daniel Murphy, 23, for a domestic abuse incident, where he threw the woman's phone and 'lunged' at her while she was on the phone with police. After they arrived, they found the paradmedic had two prescription drugs, multiple IV lines and needles, saline bags and syringes that he admitted to stealing from work.

That's bad enough right there. But when they asked the woman about that stolen equipment, she remembered one time when she passed out drunk and woke up with signs that her blood had been drawn. She also mentioned one of Murphy's ex-girlfriends who reported that he always asked if he could draw her blood.

Murphy denied ever asking his ex, but... he also admitted to stealing this woman's blood for "an art project for a friend." I'm sorry, what?

That's all the information that we have, and it doesn't answer any questions. This seems like something we'd see on an episode of Forensic Files in 10 years.