A German Cafe Used Pool Noodle Hats To Help Social Distance

I want to have a pool noodle safe space at all times.

May 18, 2020
pool noodles

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As of today, Florida has moved into "Full Phase 1" of the re-opening.  The biggest highlights of this upgrade is that salons/barbershops and gyms/fitness clubs are able to open. It also allows restaurants to open at 50% capacity, and outdoor seating with 6-feet of distance. So you might need some handy ways to make sure you're spacing properly.

Germany, known for it's World Class engineering in the field of engines and automobiles has now branched out to social-distancing. One cafe handed out straw hats with pool noodles taped on top in the shape of a "T" to make sure they knew exactly what 1.5 meters was. And yes, it looks as wonderful as you're thinking.

Much like food dliver drivers just throwing my order at my door and leaving, this is something I hope we can just adopt as a full-time way of life. Why just at a restaurant? Why can't I live in a pool noodle safe space all day, every day and make sure nobody comes close to me? That's the real dream.


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