Giant Pac-Man Maze Coming To Orlando In 2020

Waka waka.

November 6, 2019
pac-man screen out of focus

Jemal Countess / Stringer / Getty Images


Man, we're getting all kinds of cool stuff. We've got the Pokemon Pop Up Bar (that was rescheduled to January), that World's Biggest Bounce House already rolled past, and now we can start looking forward to next year.

I'm gonna try to narrow down the potential audience for this: Do you like corn-mazes? Or maybe running? But wish there were people dressed up as Pac-Man ghosts chasing you for some reason? Then this must be the place...

A life-sized Pac-Man Maze is coming to Orlando on October 10, 2020. Your life... sized. Because I think, technically, the actual maze is life-sized, since it's supposed to be that small? Whatever.

Tickets go on sale next week, starting at $15. After you go through the maze, there will be a room where you can play other retro games. So that's something. I can't confirm whether or not adult refreshments will be served - but in this video, I'm pretty sure I see a bar!