"F**K YOU, Jack White"; Girl's Rant Against 'No Cell Phone' Policy Goes Viral

She is SHOOK TO HER CORE, y'all.

September 6, 2019

I can't even imagine being this kind of person.

A guy asks his wife to go to a Raconteurs concert with him. She obviously has no interest in going and rather than trying to have a good time with him, she decides instead to go on a ridiculous rant about Jack White's very-well-publicized-for-like-2-years-now "No Cell Phone" Policy

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If you're not familiar with the policy, when you go through the gates, they give you a pouch to put your phone in. The pouch electronically locks, and you're unable to access it unless you go to a designated area, or leave. In which case, they unlock the pouch and you can take your phone out.

This girl was NOT having any part of it and I don't know how you can go through life being this bitter (and possibly e-attention starved?)

“fuck you jack white”

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