Glenlivet Has Created Whiskey Filled "Tide Pods"

We JUST got kids to stop eating them for fun.

October 7, 2019
glenlivet whiskey and flasks

Roy Rochlin / Stinger / Getty Images


Looks like at least one company saw that craze where people were eating Tide Pods and thought: "you know, we can make something out of this."

The whiskey brand Glenlivet just released a new product that's, basically, Tide Pods filled with whiskey.  Or Gushers filled with whiskey, for all you '90s kids out there.

They're calling it their "Capsule Collection"... and they are little, one-inch gel capsules that are filled with whiskey

Each one has 23 milliliters of whiskey inside.  That means if you eat two of them, you're getting roughly the same amount of whiskey as you'd get from a shot.

(The math:  A 1.5-ounce shot is 44 milliliters.  Two of these pods add up to 46 milliliters.)

For now, the capsules are only available as a special promotion for London Cocktail Week in England, but a spokesperson from Glenlivet strongly suggested they could work their way to the U.S. soon. 

We literally JUST stopped kids from eating pods of things, namely laundry detergent, for fun. Rob Gronkowski even had to get involved. C'mon!