Guy Fieri Has Lost His Mind & He's Becoming A Living Meme

His twitter is GOLD, Jerry... GOLD!

August 13, 2019

I've never known how to feel about Guy Fieri. Growing up an Alton Brown fan, Guy seemed like a novelty, or a try-hard, or just a weird dude with frosted tips and blowing shirts - but as I've grown as a person and learned to have an open mind, I've learned that Guy Fieri is just a straight up cool dude - as seen in this Hot Ones interview.

He's down to earth, and completely aware of what he's doing. He just loves food, his kids and helping people (See the video above where he brought home-cooked meals to California Wildfire Responders).

And now, in case you haven't been following Guy on Twitter @GuyFieri, you've missed the Mayor of Flavortown become completely self-aware and dive headfirst into becoming a living meme. And it's just awesome watching it happen right before my eyes. 

This one first caught my attention and made me think, "Guy... what are you doing?"

And it didn't stop there...

I could go ON and ON, but would eventualy just post his entire Twitter timeline. I just needed to bring to your attention that Guy Fieri is an absolute gem that we should be cherishing.