Kraft Creates Ranch 'Frosting' For Kids

For kids to eat. Not to eat kids.

June 11, 2019
ranch dressing in a little bowl

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Are you in the mood to trick your kids? Do you want to create food insecurities that will almost surely affect them for the rest of their lives, and then you'll be left thinking "Why? WHYY?" when they decide that the NICE retirement community is too good for you?  Or do they just hate eating vegetables or whatever and they haven't found the glory of putting Ranch Dressing on everything? Then KRAFT is here for you! 

KRAFT has introduced RANCH FROSTING, which is really just ranch dressing, but the bottle says 'Frosting' so you can trick your kids into eating it on healthy things like vegetables. But you know as well as everyone else: Putting ranch dressing on it basically kills the 'being healthy' part of it. So just dip pizza in it.