Leonardo DiCaprio Saved A Guy That Fell Off A Cruise Ship

Kate Winslet would have told him there was no room on the door.

January 9, 2020

Before - what I assume - was one hell of a New Years Eve celebration, Leonardo DiCaprio continued his storied relationship with big boats, helping rescue a guy who fell off a cruise ship in the Caribbean.

Leo and his girlfriend Camila Marrone were on a boat near St. Barts on December 30th when they found out there was an emergency search for the guy.  So they joined in.

He was an employee on a Club Med ship, but he got too drunk and fell overboard.  It was Leo's boat that found him. Who knew that Club Med ships went so hard?

This is where you can feel free to insert your favorite Titanic reference. Celine Dion? Rose and the door? Lifeboats? Sure, whatever. Important part is that the guy was saved, thanks to Leo.

The poor guy had been treading water for eleven hours before he was rescued. And that is an impressive feat, especially while drunk. I have trouble walking a few blocks home from the bar, and this dude held on for 11 hours in the ocean.