Man Arrested For Swimming In Bass Pro Shops Aquarium

That's against the rules.

June 29, 2020
Woman And Girl Looking At Aquarium

Getty Images


You ever been to a Bass Pro Shops? It's pretty neat. They've got everything.

You know what you can't do at a Bass Pro Shops? You can't jump in their massive fish tank and swim around. If you do that, you get charged with simple criminal damage to property, like 26-year old Louisana man Kevin Wise.  Bonus points for leaving your mask and hat behind.

According to him, it was part of a 'TikTok Stunt', where if he got more than 2,000 likes, he'd jump into the tank. Looks like he got enough likes. In the video, you see him jump into the tank and then run out of the store.

Wanna guess how he got caught? Go ahead, guess. He got caught... when he came back to the store.

Poor fish. Now the store has to drain and clean the 13,000-gallon tank.