NASA Creates Perfume For Astronauts That "Smells Like Earth"

Just something to remind them of the home planet.

June 30, 2020

NASA thinks of a lot of things that normal people probably wouldn't. Of course, science... but also, how do we make astronauts that are hundreds-of-thousands of miles away from Earth feel less homesick? How about... make them a perfume that "smells like Earth"?

Eau De Space was originally developed when NASA contracted Steve Pearce of Omega Ingredients back in 2008, and the company says it took him 4 years to develop.  Many astronauts who have smelled the fragrance - which is supposed to smell like Earth, remember - have described it as "a mix of gunpowder, seared steak, raspberries and rum".

Sounds about right. And I want it.

Good news is, years after the astronauts got to experience it, there is a now a Kickstarter to crowdfund the release of Eau De Space to the public. It has already raised about $60,000 with a goal of only $2,000. For $15, you too will (allegedly) get a bottle for yourself (though I don't trust anything on Kickstarter).