New Yorkers Busted With Load Of Fireworks And 3 Dead Alligators

It didn't happen in Florida!

June 30, 2020

Let's just take a moment to celebrate that this isn't a Florida Man story.

As the 4th Of July gets closer, there has been an increase of firework-related accidents in New York City, so the authorities have been cutting down, trying to stop illegal fireworks from being trafficked into the city. That's when they busted this group of 10 people that are allegedly involved in one of those fireworks cartels. They were caught carrying a 'load' of fireworks, though I'm not sure if that's a legal definition.

However, it wasn't the fireworks that really stood out to the authorities, but rather the 3 dead alligators that were also being transported. In a tweet about the incident, they even seem a bit surprise that there was a very specific law on the books for just that crime: ECL §71-1929. 

I tried to find out what that law specifically said, but it was difficult with a lot of legal-speak, so I'm guessing it says something like "you can't transport dead alligators across state lines."