Orlando Is Getting A Floating Boat "Drive In" Theater

They're even "socially distanced" boats

July 22, 2020

Drive-ins are experiencing a complete revival right now in the midst of a pandemic. It's one of the only ways to go outside, watch some sort of entertainment, and make sure that there is a metal cage around you and nobody can get anywhere near you. 

At the beginning of the pandemic, one Central Florida Drive-In was responsible for the entire country's box office earnings. Since then, we've learned that Eustis, Florida might be getting the world's largest drive-in next year, Wal-Mart is planning on turning parking lots of 160 of their stores into drive-ins, and Hard Rock Stadium in Miami has even transitioned into a temporary drive-in theater.

Drive-ins. So hot right now.

Orlando, often home to cool things that other people aren't going to get, is now slated to get a brand new "floating drive-in" with "socially distanced boats" on a lake. An Australian company called Beyond Cinema is gonna park 12 to 24 little boats on a lake, up to 8 people per boat, and show “golden oldies and new releases”. Everyone will even get free popcorn, while other snacks and drinks will be available for purchase. Where do you go to the bathroom? Good question. Just... into the water?

The boat-theater will only be in Orlando for 5 days beginning on September 9th and you can look into getting tickets for the not-yet-announced showings right here - allegedly. The website hasn't worked for me all morning.

The exact location of the theater has yet to be announced either.