Panera Bread Fired An Employee For Revealing How Their Mac & Cheese Is Made In Viral Video

I mean... it's still tasty.

October 15, 2019
panera bread

Joe Raedle / Getty Images


The woman who posted the video on TikTok that "exposed" how Panera Bread prepares their mac and cheese has been fired.

If you haven't seen the video, it shows an employee dropping a bag of frozen mac and cheese into hot water.  Then she takes it out, cuts it open, and pours the contents into a bowl. That's it. That's all she did is show exactly how their Mac 'n Cheese is made. 

Of course, Panera makes a very big marketing plot about their 'clean' food, which is a phrase I hate because it has absolutely no real meaning. Many people online were upset that Panera was claiming all of their food was 'clean' and 'fresh', when it's really just frozen mac & cheese boiled in a bag.

Whatev. It's still good.

And I'm certain the company's official stance is that she violated some health regulation or no cell phones at work rule, but they're just salty.

By the way, did it irritate you at all how I used 3 different ways of spelling Mac 'n cheese in this blog?