Parents Are Suing The Creators Of Fortnite For Making Video Game "As Addicting As Cocaine"

If this is all it takes, I've got a lot of people to sue.

October 8, 2019

If you've spent any more than 12 seconds around anybody under the age of 25 in the last year, there's no doubt you've heard of a video game called Fortnite. It's an online, battle-royale, cartoon-style video game where you can fight against people across the world and tell them how you've definitely made sweet love to their mothers at some point.

In fact, there was recently the first Fortnite World Cup where a 16 year old took home a $3 Million Prize. Seven of the participants won at least a cool Million. Not bad.

But where people are having fun, there's some parent that is upset by it. The first to blame since 1983, is those dang Nintendo games.

Two parents in Canada are filing a class action lawsuit against Fortnite's creators, Epic Games, saying they knowingly worked with psychiatrists to create a game that was as addictive to young people as cocaine.

Specifically, they claim the game creates a chemical addiction by releasing dopamine, the happy chemical in your brain, similar to taking drugs like cocaine

I get it, parents. Unhealthy habits of any kind need to be monitored and hopefully curbed by, I dunno... good... parenting? No, NO. Let's just sue the creators. It's not OUR fault.

If we can sue anything that creates a release of dopamine, I've got a TON of people to sue: Netflix, Sugar and Caffiene companies, anybody that helps me get 3 likes on a Facebook post, anybody that accidentally swipes right on Tinder, some professional sports teams (but only when they're doing well), anybody that says something to me as simple as 'good job', or god forbid any girl that looks at me in public and smiles. Gonna sue the HELL out of her for making my brain release dopamine to be happy.

Parents are responsible for their own children. If you want to get your kids away from video games, maybe spend time with them. Go out and play. Take them to museums. Introduce them to books. 

I'll also give the parents this slight benefit of the doubt. We're living in a new, digital world. These parents definitely didn't have a constant, 360-degree overload of digital content for their entire lives, but the kids do. So it's time to realize that the world is different and adjust accordingly. When my parents sat me in front of the television for hours on end when I was a kid, I had 6 channels to choose from. 2 of them were educational, and frankly, Arthur is still a great show.

There are a LOT of solutions to this problem. Sueing creators of a video game is not one of them.