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Tampa Is Getting Uber Pet So They Can Ride With, But Orlando Isn't

Even more unfortunate, it's not just an Uber to order pets

October 17, 2019

The problem is simple: You need to get your pet somewhere and you don't have a car. Whether it's the vet or across town, you might have to call around, text some friends, or figure out whether or not the cab company is down with it.

Uber is here to help - not us specifically, but just in general - as they launch Uber Pet. Unfortunately, it's not like Uber Eats where you're thinking, "I really want to pet a dog right now, but I don't have one" and you order one to hang out with for a while. Because that would be pretty cool, if you're listening, Uber.

Instead, Uber Pet is an option you'll be able to choose when getting a ride so that your pet can come along for $4 extra. So now, when you head to a patio brunch with your pup and drink one too many bottomless mimosas at 1pm on a Sunday, you won't have to drive or walk home. Nice.

The only problem is that, as Uber rolls out the plan across the country, It's coming to Tampa first and Orlando gets ignored. They'll join a handful of test markets like Philly and Austin, TX

Uber has a couple of important notes, though:
1. All pets are 'technically' allowed - but it's based on the driver's discretion whether or not they're comfortable with that python just hanging out on your shoulders.
2. You still get rated by the drivers, in case your dog is a jerk or something.