After Viral UCF Rant, Pete Davidson Makes Fans Sign $1 Million NDA To Attend Shows

Because that's the adult thing to do.

December 2, 2019
pete davidson

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images


You might remember a few months back, Comedian/SNL Member Pete Davidson was performing for students at UCF and he was very upset that some of the kids who have literally had cell phones their entire life would dare bring cell phones to his event, leading to a now infamous rant:

For anybody thinking that he may have learned something from that incident, it's safe to say he did... but maybe not what we expected. It's not being reported that, in order to attend one of his shows, all ticketholders are required to sign a $1 Million Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) stating that you will not distribute photos or video of the performance, OR criticize, review or otherwise talk about the performance in any way on social media or he will sue you.

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Because that's the rational, adult thing to do.