Squirrel Caught On Tape Stealing "Contactless Delivery" Pizza

They're learning. The squirrels are learning.

July 29, 2020

There are a few things I hope stick around when this pandemic is all over. People I don't know staying at least 6-feet away from me in all public spaces? Absolutely. Getting food delivered to me in shameful amounts without having to make eye contact with the delivery driver? Oh hell yes.

"Contactless Delivery" is one of the best things ever invented. They just put the food in front of your door and leave. It's even an option to just order it while you're absolutely wasted, and it'll be there waiting for you in the morning...

There is literally nothing wrong with this set up. Well, there wasn't... until the squirrels started to learn. They got smart and they realized that if you weren't paying attention, that pizza belongs to them.

Last weekend, a woman in New Jersey order some Pizza Hut from GrubHub. As the delivery driver was supposed to do, they just knocked and left the pizza in front of the door. Then the woman snoozed, therefore... losed? Anyway. A squirrel got to it first, opening the box, pulling out a couple of slices and going to town. Thankfully, the entire incident was caught on camera for us to enjoy.

The pizza only cost them about $10 and GrubHub actually refunded their money, plus the memories they have are just priceless.