Tik Tok Teens Disguised As Mask-Wearing Grandmas Buy Liquor

Gotta give these kids points for effort.

July 15, 2020

First things first: Underage drinking is both illegal and bad.
Second thing: This is impressive.

It's always been a part of popular culture, underage teens trying to buy alcohol. Just look at McLovin, who is now forever-burned into the shared American Experience. The always creative teens that hang out on Tik Tok and have more talent that I've ever had saw a brand new opening, and they took it.

A recent Tik Tok 'prank' involves some skilled teenagers disguising themselves as Grandmas wearing facemasks to buy alcohol without an ID. In the age of makeup tutorials all over YouTube, they're learning how to do special effects makeup and putting their acting skills to the test, some with a friend pretending to be their grandkid.

Some of the videos are currently racking up millions of views.