Texas Testicle Festival Is Set For This Saturday

That's nuts.

July 29, 2020

We all miss festivals. Whether it's music festivals, comiccon festivals, or testicle festivals, they're just not happening right now.  In order to get festivals, and many large-scale gatherings to come back, we need to get through this whole... thing.

What's that? Oh. It looks like the Texas Testicle Festival is still happening.  As you might imagine, it's a festival in texas dedicated to eating animal testicles, so who could resist? The organizer of the event, Claire Ball (her real name), says "As a testicle organizer, our new normal requires us to stay on the ball with the government at all levels, some of which change their minds daily... We’ve actually considered turning it into a testicle protest — protests seem to be allowed all over — but we just don’t have the balls.”

The event is happening in Fredericksburg, Texas this Saturday, August 1st. They held a previous Testicle Festival in January and say that about 150 people showed up to eat the testes of turkeys, lamb and veal - among other, non-testicle foods. Although Claire says they're hoping to have more people attend the festival on Saturday, it's being reported that only 20 tickets have been sold so far, and I can't imagine why.