Thousands Of Dollars Of Stolen Bounce Houses Found After 3 Year Search

9 of 12 were recovered, that is.

July 27, 2020
Bounce House Castle

Getty Images


Who steals one bouncy castle, let alone multiple bouncy castles? Did they even know what they had, and maybe the criminals inflated them in secluded warehouses late at night to enjoy them before putting their stolen goods away again?

Back in 2017, about $25,000 worth of "inflatable children's bounce castles" were stolen from an "industrial unit", which I'm pretty sure is the UK way of saying "storage locker"? Ever since, the owners have been watching online sales closely to see if they could recognized their particular bounce houses. For 3 years, the searches returned nothing until finally the criminals made their mistake and tried to rent the stolen castles. 

That's right. They weren't trying to just sell and unload the castles, they started to just rent them out - so the rightful owners of the castles just kept renting them, and the police arrested them when they showed up. Two of them were even being rented to a pub, which sounds like an awesome and also terrible time. Only 9 of the 12 bouncy castles were recovered with 2 of them thought to be gone forever.