Tito's Vodka Adapts; Begins Production Of Their Hand Sanitizer

You still can't use the vodka to sanitize, though.

March 24, 2020
titos vodka

Robin Marchant / Stringer / Getty Images


It was only a few weeks ago when Tito's Vodka, in response to a bunch of DIY online hand sanitizer recipes, advised that you could not use their vodka as an effective sanitizer, as it didn't have the required alcohol content.

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But now, like many other companies have done in recent weeks, Tito's has decided to adapt and will be offering 24 tons of their own brand of hand sanitizer that is effective.

Tito's is not the only company that is finding ways to adapt and serve the community in their time of need, like the Portland Strip Club that has become a delivery service called "Boober Eats"