Clickbait! OMG! This Will Happen Today And Not Again For Another 100 Years!

Impress your friends with this useless but neat information.

September 19, 2019
september 19 2019 on calendar

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I'm sure BuzzFeed already has the iconic article on this topic - but I figured I'd throw our hat into the ring with this neat, but entirely useless information.

Today, September 19, 2019 (or 9/19/19) has a special thing that will happen twice, and won't happen again 'til 2119. Are you ready for this?

Two times today... it will be 09/19/19 at 9:19.

But wait, there's more... toss on 19 seconds to that.  BAM! Now it's 09/19/19 at 9:19:19

Were you born in 9/19/00? Cause you're gonna turn 19 on 09/19/19, and oh my god, just IMAGINE if you were born at 9:19:19 on 9/19/00 so that you're turning 19 on exactly 9/19/19 9:19:19 and you still can't buy booze without your fake ID, sorry.