Twenty One Pilots Send Cease And Desist To "Blurryface: The Musical"

Maybe it's for the best?

February 13, 2020

Twenty One Pilots' fanbase, known as The Clique, runs deep with a lot of fan-created content that is heavily supported, and sometimes used or promoted, by Tyler and Josh. But this may have been one step too far. 

Matt Wagner announced, about 2 weeks ago, that he had created a musical "inspired by" the work of Twenty One Pilots, called Blurryface: The Musical. Apparently, he had done a few, 'select' performances of it before going public with the project.

Alright everybody. Announcement time. We’re going public!! My name is Matt and for the last four years I’ve been writing a jukebox musical inspired by the incredible songs of @twentyonepilots This show has been a labor of love but I couldn’t be more proud of what it stands for and how it promotes @tylerrjoseph and @joshuadun message about Staying Alive. But now I need your help. If you like this idea, please share this post to every ToP fan you know and tag the band. Let’s take this project all the way to Tyler and Josh and make it a reality!! Trailer coming later today • • • • #twentyonepilots #blurryface #blurryfacethemusical #banditos #bandito #tylerjoseph #clique #skeletonclique #cliqueart #blurryfacetour #joshdunn #clikkies #jennajoseph #debbyryan #trenchalbum #twentyonepilotsedits #twentyonepilotsfanpage #twentyønepilots #tøpclique #theclique #cliqueartist #tøpmeme #tylerrobertjoseph #twentyonepilotslyrics #blurryfacealbum #tylerjosephedits #tyjø #tylerjøseph

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Now I don't want to insult the creator or the cast, as it seems like they put in a lot of work and had some real talent involved in this production. It's pretty impressive for a fan-made musical, which isn't something that happens to often. I'm just saying, in the grand scope of Twenty One Pilots, it might be best that this one was gently put to an end. 

Wanted to give some love to the amazing “proto-production” cast of Blurryface: The Musical. This summer we did a free performance to test out the show in front of a limited audience in New York City and the response was incredible! I had dozens of strangers come up to me afterwards saying how moved they were by the story and that’s when I knew we had something worthwhile on our hands. But it wouldn’t have been possible without all of these exceptional actors: Dylan Clancy: @bendavidfeldman Blurryface: @austinmirsoltani Katie Stone: @itsheatherolsen Jamie Conners: @emilyannbanks Mr. Clancy/The Publisher: Joseph Knipper The musical wouldn’t be what it is today without each of these people’s incredible dedication, input, and artistry! @twentyonepilots @tylerrjoseph @joshuadun • • • • #blurryface #blurryfacethemusical #castphoto #actors #cast #musical #twentyonepilots #bandito #stayalive #theatre #twentyønepilots #tylerjoseph #joshdun #newmusical #showtunes #stayalivefrens #tøpmeme #tøpclique #clique #theclique #skeletonclique #musicaltheater #newshow #cliqueartist

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But finally, the TOP camp had to step in and tell Matt, essentially, "Hey, quit it.", making him take the trailer off the internet and end the project. Even though he had to take the trailer off the internet, that doesn't mean that it's no longer on the internet. Reddit has it for your viewing pleasure. 

Hey guys. It finally happened. I have received a cease and desist letter. I’ve been told to take the musicals trailer off the internet and that the project can not continue. Although I am disappointed, I knew this was a possibility from the very beginning and I am okay. More than anything, I am just so so proud of the community that we were able to build in only a week and a half. Almost 3,600 follows is absolutely crazy!! And Josh Dun even liked the video. That’s ridiculous!! All of the incredible DMs and comments I received have truly validated me as a creative and I can’t wait to take what I’ve learned from writing this show and put it toward my next project. If this idea touched you and you want to see what I do next as a creative, then go follow @i_am_mnerva Even though this is the end of Blurryface: The Musical, I’m just happy that this local dreamer was able to take this crazy idea this far. Unfortunately though this account will be shut down in 24 hours. But through it all, I still love Twenty One Pilots. I will always love Twenty One Pilots. Nothing will ever change that. So stay alive my new frens! Thank you for everything :)

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It doesn't seem like there was any ill will involved either as, according to Matt, Josh Dun had even liked the trailer of the video.  Hopefully this doesn't put out the fire on Matt's passion for 'Pilots or musicals. He's got ambition, you can be sure of that.