No Florida On List Of U.S. Cities with the Highest STD Rates

Congratulations to Florida Man and Florida Woman

January 15, 2020
woman with condom eyes

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The CDC recently released its latest STD data.  And a website crunched the numbers to figure out which cities have the highest STD rates.

Number one?  Baltimore, with 2,004 STD cases for every 100,000 people.  And like basically every city, chlamydia is the most common, followed by gonorrhea.  Syphilis and HIV have just a fraction as many cases.

Here are the rest of the top 10 cities with the highest STD rates: 
Jackson, Mississippi
San Francisco
Montgomery, Alabama
Augusta, Georgia
Killeen, Texas
Shreveport, Louisiana

The study noted that the three smallest cities on that list (Augusta, Killeen, and Shreveport) all have one thing in common:  They're home to a large military base. 

You've got to go alllll the way to #14 on the list before Florida makes it's first appearance with Tallahassee. Jacksonville at #45, Gainseville $51, and Orlando all the way down at #64. Ft. Lauderdale gets just the tip in at #99.