[VIDEO] Long Island Official Explains Why You Can't Touch Other Peoples' Balls

You can kick them... but you can't touch them.

May 19, 2020
tennis balls

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We're all 8 years old. That's fine. Because this gave me a good, solid giggle, and it's okay for a man to giggle.

During a recent press conference, talking about the rules when re-opening a tennis facility, Nassau County Executive Laura Curran was very carefully trying to explain the rules of the court. As you can imagine, in these days of social-distancing and enhanced safety measures, there are a lot of rules regarding who can touch whose balls, and how you can touch their balls, depending on if they're from the same household as you.

She almost made it through, making sure the word "tennis" always came before "balls", until it came to your permission to kick someone else's balls, and then it went off the rails. Looks like she had a great sense of humor about it, though. Good on you, Laura.