Introducing "WalkTails": The Hot New Trend Of Walking And Drinking

It's not not illegal...

May 21, 2020

The beaches? Open but questionable. Bars? Closed. Restaurants with liquor? I'm not hungry.

All I want to do is have a drink with a friend, enjoy their company and maybe get a lil' bit blitzed. Is that so much to ask?

With so many of us cooped up at home, a lot of our normal social-outlets on hold, and "Virtual Happy Hours" only doing so much to fill that void, a new trend has started popping up: Walktails. That is just the fancy name for "taking a walk while drinking a cocktail", which isn't exactly legal. In fact, in most states it's outright illegalbut the trend has gained traction as authorities haven't put up much of a fight.

With so many local bars offering take-out drinks, what are the choices? Drive to the restaurant, get the drinks, drive home, drink them alone on your couch? Or grab your roommate, take a nice walk in the warm, Florida weather and enjoy some of those cocktails on your invigorating walk home? I'll take option B, plus my soft, trashbag body could use the exercise.

If you see me walking around Lake Eola with a thermos, just trying to vibe, just keep walking. Keep that 6 feet, because I'm doing good.