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A Woman Went To Her Office To Rescue A 9-Week Old Banana In Her Desk

How many of your office plants are dead already?

May 20, 2020

Though many people are unfortunately out of work, a lot of us have been able to continue to work from home. Though there may have been a point, weeks ago, where you were just told to starting working from home, and forget a few things at the office.

I can't even imagine how many office plants are going unwatered. We even had a small lizard take up residence in the FM1019 studios due to the lack of people. Don't know where it's at, but this is the lizard's office now.

We all have that one coworker, too, that keeps food in their desk. One woman remembered that she had left a banana in her desk when she started working from home... 9 weeks ago.  So she returned to her office to 'rescue' it, and it could not be saved

How about you take a quick minute to think about what you left in your desk? Anything concerning?