The "World's Biggest Bounce House" Coming To Orlando On Oct 19

It costs $32 for a 3-hour Adults Only session

October 9, 2019
large bounce house

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Gonna answer your first two questions right off the bat:
1. Yes, adults can go in it
2. You still probably have to take your shoes off.

A company called The Big Bounce America is bringing their 2019 Tour through Orlando (technically Kissimmee) on October 19th and 20th (for some reason, Jacksonville is getting it for like a whole week and that upsets me).

That involves 3 different attractions of a bouncy nature, the 10,000 square foot "World's Biggest Bounce House", "The Giant" inflatable obstacle course, and "Air Space" which just seems like a space-themed smaller bounce house.

And if I'm reading this correctly, for just $32, you can get a ticket for a 3-hour "Adults Only" session that allows you a certain amount of time in the "World's Biggest Bounce House" and unlimited time on the other two things. 

Kids sessions are broken up into age groups and tickets range from $17-26.

The question they have not answered: "Can I show up with drinks, or do you sell them there?"

The UCF "Bounce House" couldn't be reached for comment. Because I didn't try.