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Imagine Dragons

New Imagine Dragons Video For Zero

Imagine Dragons just released this super creative video yesterday, September 19th, and it's already hit over a million views. There’s definitely an underlying message about advertisement placement and the internet's effect on all of us but dammit, I love those cats. Video of Imagine Dragons - Zero... Read More

Florida Man Rides A Jet Ski Scooter Down The Highway

A video of a guy riding a jet ski down a highway near Jacksonville, Florida has been making the rounds on Facebook. It's actually a 1989 Honda scooter with the hull of a jet ski built around it. And yes, it's street-legal. Someone tracked down the 23-year-old guy who owns it. He says the Florida... Read More
Public speaking

Teenagers Are Protesting Against Giving Presentations in Class

I know it's totally human nature to think the generations that come after you are way more coddled and fragile than you were, but this time it's really true, right? Teenagers all over the country are joining a movement to protest against having to stand up in front of their class to give a... Read More

Mike Shinoda Has Been Sending Out Puzzle Pieces To Fans

Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park recently asked 50 fans for their home addresses, then he started sending each of them a scrap of paper, according to Loudwire . Well, fans who've received a scrap have been sharing pictures online and people on Reddit are putting them all together. Yes, they all fit... Read More
City skyline

Orlando Makes 2nd On The List Of Most Fun Cities

I assume when you take a trip, you want to have fun. Unless you're going to visit relatives, then you just want to kind of survive. But otherwise, yeah, fun. The website just ranked 182 of the biggest cities in the country from the most to least fun. They used 65 factors including the... Read More
Claw machine

Man Has His Toddler Climb Into An Arcade Prize Machine

I'm not sure one of the joys of being a parent is, "Now you've got a tiny criminal accomplice." The police in Salem, New Hampshire are looking for a guy who used his toddler to steal a bunch of prizes from an arcade machine at a mall on Friday night, according to the New Hampshire Union Leader. The... Read More

A Guy Is Busted Using A Halloween Skeleton In The Carpool Lane

Here's a guy who just couldn't resist the urge to get a little more use out of his Halloween decorations. The cops in Snohomish County, Washington pulled a guy over for driving in the carpool lane last week when they realized his passenger was actually a Halloween skeleton wearing a hat and a... Read More

A Little Girl Dances In Front Of A Michael Myers Halloween Display

Does listening to the theme song from "Halloween" make you want to break into your "happy dance?" How about if we add a knife-wielding, animatronic Michael Myers? It did the trick for this little girl. Somebody posted a video of her having a wonderful time dancing in front of a Halloween display at... Read More