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Icy road

Dad Falls On An Icy Driveway Trying To Get His Daughter's Toy

A mom in Alaska posted a video of her husband sliding all over their icy driveway as he tries to get their daughter's kitchen play-set from the back of the pickup truck. The driveway is on a steep incline and when he loses his balance, he slides all the way to the street. It takes two different... Read More

Science Has Confirmed That Cold Weather Makes You Want To Drink

I'm not sure I needed science to tell me this, but they did it anyway - when it's COLD outside, it makes us want to drink. And, according to Eurek Alert , a new study out of the University of Pittsburgh is actually the first one to confirm it. The researchers found a direct connection between the... Read More
Board games

"Monopoly for Millennials" Now Exists and It's Awful

It's never good when you can look at a product and instantly picture the table full of out-of-touch, middle-aged executives who thought it'd be a good idea. And with that, I present Hasbro's newest release . . . Monopoly for Millennials. It's basically just a collection of stereotypes, like a game... Read More

People Are Officially Giving Up On Being Healthy Until 2019

This is a tough time of year to try to lose weight and get in shape. So instead of trying, failing, and getting frustrated, wouldn't it be WAY better not to try at all? According to a new survey and the New York Post , 45% of Americans say they're officially giving up on trying to be healthy for... Read More
Tide pods

Tide To Release New Container Shaped Like Boxed Wine

Tide announced that it will be releasing a new Tide laundry detergent container that will use 60% less plastic and cost less to ship. While better for the environment, the shape they chose has some parents on edge…for good reason. The box is eerily similar to popular boxed wine brands and even... Read More

Woman Stole Live Lobster From Red Lobster's Tank, Then Took Off

If you're gonna get kicked out of a restaurant for making a scene, you might as well really make a scene. There's a 42-year-old woman named Kimberly Gabel from St. Petersburg, Florida. On Saturday night she was at a Red Lobster and she was drunk and bothering other people, so the manager asked her... Read More

A French Bulldog Opens Its Cage With Its Tongue

Somebody in China posted a video of a French bulldog using its tongue to open the door of its cage. It keeps licking the lever handle in an upward motion until it flips over and away from the latch . . . and then it pushes the gate open. The video honestly speaks for itself. Video of Clever French... Read More

Family Uses Airboat To Push Truck On Florida Highway

A family on I75 near Wildwood ran out of diesel fuel in their truck, which happened to be towing the family’s airboat. So what did they do? The son hopped in the back of the truck and turned on the airboat which pushed the truck all the way to the gas station. Sheer brilliance! Check out the video... Read More
Cracked phone

The Ten Ways You're Most Likely To Crack Your Phone Screen

A recent survey found 12% of us are currently walking around using a phone with a cracked screen. About 1,000 people were asked HOW they cracked their phone. According to the survey and SWNS , here are the ten ways you're most likely to crack yours . . . 1. General use. Meaning you have it a while... Read More