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Guy Touches Wild Horse Kicked In Groin

There are two reasons to watch this video. First, you get to see a pasty old guy wearing a Speedo - which may or may not make you feel better about yourself. Second, you get to see a wild horse kick a dummy in the junk. Dude was visiting Maryland's Assateague Island National Park which is full of... Read More

Half Alive New Song Video 'Pure Gold'

Half.Alive has just dropped a new song and video 'Pure Gold.' If I had to describe it in three words, they would be: Trippy Zombie Dancefest. That being said, I dig it. The band's debut album Now, Not Yet is set to be released August 9th 2019 and they'll be here in Orlando Sept 20th. Get your... Read More

National Ice Cream Day Deals July 21, 2019

This is what happens when you love deals and ice cream - you write a blog about both. Sunday, July 21st is National Ice Cream day and free/cheap is better than not, so thanks to Food & Wine , here we go: Baskin-Robbins - In Store - two pre-packed quarts for $7.99. Online - order through... Read More

Florida Man Arrested Can't Drive Stick

If you're going to be a car thief, you should probably know how to drive different types of cars. A Florida man tried to steal a car on Tuesday at an Orlando intersection but realized he couldn't drive stick shift. WFLA reported that Jaelyn Alex abandoned that car and stole another one. He was... Read More

New Cats Trailer Naked

Okay, let's get this out of the way. 1. Actual Cats - Amazing 2. Cats the Musical - Pretty Good 3. Cats the Movie - Horrifying The first trailer for the movie version of "Cats" came out yesterday, with Taylor Swift, Jennifer Hudson, Rebel Wilson, etc. and we're all kind of freaking out. Some people... Read More

Florida Man Runs From Cops, Face Plants, Gets Tased

That darn Florida Man is getting into trouble all over the place. Down in Largo, a woman got some great video of a man trying to flee police on a bicycle. Her commentary is spot on but he doesn't do so well. Video of Cops chase guy on bike. Read More

Bishop Briggs New Video Champion

Bishop Briggs is one of my favorite artists - not just for her music, her personality is badass. 'River', 'Wild Horses', and 'The Way I Do' are some of my top songs that need to make room for this new gem - 'Champion.' In an AltPress interview, Bishop says “‘Champion’ is a song that I wrote when my... Read More

Ghostbusters Halloween Horror Nights 2019 Orlando

Two of my absolute favorite things have come together - 80's movies & haunted houses - for this year's Halloween Horror Nights. They're bringing GHOSTBUSTERS to Orlando, according to Orlando informer . Video of Ghostbusters House Reveal | Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights 2019 Spoiler... Read More

Florida Man West Palm Beach Nonstop Baby Shark Homeless

I'd say people are pretty much divided on this one. On one hand, there are a ton of ways to help people get off the streets and as a society we aren't doing enough of them. On the other hand, public places paid for by tax dollars shouldn't be allowed to be squatting grounds. Whatever side you're on... Read More
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Rocko's Modern Life Movie Netflix

We have a date! Next month on August 9th, Netflix is making my dreams come true with a Rocko’s Modern Life movie. Rocko’s Modern Life: Static Cling, shows Rocko, Heffer, and Filburt returning to earth after getting stranded in space in the 1996 finale. The synopsis explains, “Rocko has trouble... Read More