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Hot Mess Mel: V8 Explosion

Today started off so easy; I should've known better. I got to work around 7am and dove right into my show prep like normal. I must've really been in the zone because I grabbed my can of V8 to shake it up. I like to pretend I'm bartending and do it up high over my shoulder which is pretty stupid... Read More

Video: Guy Sleeps Behind The Wheel Of His Tesla On Autopilot

This is the problem with cars that drive for us – people stop driving. Another Tesla driver was filmed sleeping while cruising down the highway. Somebody in the next lane filmed him behind the wheel of his Tesla Model X, which gives out warnings if at least one hand is not on the steering wheel... Read More

Video:  The New Strumbellas Video For Salvation Is Out

If you’re ready to feel good for 3 minutes and 40 seconds, you’re in luck. The new Strumbellas video for "Salvation" features families dancing. Each family was given 30 minutes to come up with a choreographed dance for the new song. The result is a beautiful mix of fun that makes all of us want to... Read More

Kitty (And Human?) Workout

Mel's husband has a cat that just loves to work his belly over big time. Not saying that it's any type of real exertion, but it does look like it's some form of exercise. Shouldn't this at least burn SOME calories...for the cat at least??? :) Read More

People Chased by Giant Moose

Common sense says that you shouldn’t get too close to a giant moose…but some people don’t have common sense. Some skiers and snowboarders at Breckenridge Ski Resort in Colorado got too close and were chased down. If you've never seen a moose run, they're surprisingly fast, and the people were lucky... Read More

Remember The Raconteurs?

Today on the Music Meeting at 2pm we’ll share the new Raconteurs song, Now That You’re Gone. Jack White (of The White Stripes) and his band The Raconteurs have been doing very minimal recording/taking a hiatus for the last several years but are now back in the swing of things. Here’s one of their... Read More

VIDEO: Even Leaving Your House In The Winter Is Dangerous!

Here's a porch-cam video of a woman leaving her house. She locks the door, goes down the steps to her driveway, which appears to be wet from rain. But the rain is really ice, and she slips to her knees and slides backwards until she's out of the picture...and out of pride. Video of What a little... Read More