A New Bar Is Charging By The Hour, Instead Of By The Drink

There's no way this is in Florida

October 7, 2019

Getty Images / Vasyl Dolmatov

I love Floridians - we're adventurous, tons of fun, spontaneous, and probably a little crazy.

Which is why this type of bar would never happen in our state - because we would drink it out of business.  

A new bar opened this past weekend in St. Louis that's trying to start a trend.  Instead of charging people by the drink, they're charging you by the HOUR for unlimited drinks.  It's $10-an-hour for regular drinks, or $20-an-hour for premium, according to KMOV

I consider myself a pro drinker - 60 minutes is plenty of time to get hammered and sneak some extra drinks into the empty water bottle stashed in my purse. So this sounds AMAZING.

The bar says their bartenders are going to carefully monitor how much people are drinking to make sure no one goes too crazy trying to get their money's worth. 

Ha!  Good luck with that.