Orlando & Tampa Ranked Best For Staycations 2020


May 21, 2020

When you're supposed to stay in your own city and not travel, it's pretty awesome to live in the place everyone wants to visit!

WalletHub.com just released its annual list of the best staycation cities in America.

They looked at 15 key metrics, including the number of parks and trails, how many people have swimming pools, and how strict the "shelter in place" orders are.

Three cities in Texas made the top ten, including Plano, Texas in first place.  But who cares about them!  Let's talk about Florida:

Tampa ranked # 3 (somehow behind Boise, Idaho)

Orlando ranked #10 (somehow both behind Boise, Idaho)

They looked at 182 different cities, and Pearl City, Hawaii placed last.  Which obviously means the list is flawed because - HAWAII.  Even if you're sheltering in place, it's HAWAII!