Patrick Carney (From The Black Keys) Really, Really Hates the Grammys

October 9, 2019

Typically you can find me making fun of everything - including myself - which means I love a good burn.

Especially when it puts down something I have absolutely NO interest in.

Patrick Carney from the Black Keys went off on the Grammys in a recent interview, according to NME.  (Even though the band has five of them.)

He said, quote, "None of my favorite bands have [effing] Grammys.  The Clash don't have [an effing] Grammy . . . Does anybody watch this [stuff] that really cares about us?  I don't think so."

Pat is especially glad that "Lonely Boy" didn't win Record of the Year in 2013 because, quote, "It could have [effed] our whole band up.  I've seen it happen with lots of bands.  You become playschool level.

"We wouldn't have changed, but the thing is, you start acquiring a fan base that's more fickle and maybe more annoying."

("Lonely Boy" did win Best Rock Song and Best Rock Performance . . . but apparently those aren't the BAD Grammys?)